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Election of the President of HSPPA as a Chairman at the Working Party for Public-Private Partnerships (UNECE)

During the 5th Annual Meeting of the Public-Private Partnership Working Party (WP-PPP), under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), held in Geneva on 29-30 November 2021, Greece, through the President of HSPPA Mr. G. Katapodis, achieved the unanimous election of the only President (Chair) in the Presidency of the above-mentioned Group, in which to date has held the position of Co-chair together with the representatives of the USA and Japan.

This success is considered extremely important, on the one hand due to the special importance of the subject negotiated by the Group, on the other hand due to the countries represented, namely the USA and Japan (G-7 and G-20 members), France (member of EU, G-7 and G-20), Belgium (EU), and Russia and Turkey (G-20 members).