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HSPPA’s recent actions in the field of transparency and integrity

HSPPA has developed a wide range of actions and partnerships for the efficient and innovative accomplishment of its purpose, among others in the field of integrity and transparency.

 Indicatively, HSPPA has obtained the Quality ISO 9001 and is in the final stage of obtaining the Anti-bribery ISO 37001.

Moreover, HSPPA has developed a Secure Anonymous Whistleblowing Platform for acts of fraud and corruption or other irregularities related to public procurement, as well as insufficient enforcement of public procurement rules.

HSPPA has, also, upgraded its Audit Regulation and is in the process of designing a Complete Information System, part of which will be dedicated to Graph Analysis algorithms.

Last,  HSPPA has been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence regarding the action "Law Enforcement and Government Alliance" (International Alliance of Public Organizations for Fighting against Fraud) of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners" – ACFE.