On 14.06.2019 the Training Institute (INEP) of the National Center for Public Administration and Local-Government (EKDDA), in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Economy and Development and with the participation of HSPPA, organized a Workshop on "Public Innovation Contracts - Tools and Prospects".

In his opening address, the President of HSPPA, Mr. George Katapodis, referred to the objectives of the strategic utilization of innovative public procurement, with reference to specific examples from Member States of the European Union, noting the expected benefits of implementing innovative solutions, both in the economy and in strengthening and stimulating the public procurement sector.

Mr. Katapodis renewed the commitment, both personal and by the staff of HSPPA, to assisting contracting authorities and bodies in appealing for public procurement contracts.

Deputy Head of Coordination, Mr. Alexios Tattis, first analyzed how Innovation Public Contracts are approached by contracting authorities and contractors, focusing on the need for integrated planning and substantial consultation with the market, while emphasizing that the success of Innovation in the field of Public Procurement lies in adhering not only to a productive hierarchy of innovative solutions, but mainly to addressing them in the light of changing mentality.